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Target Market Definition

What is a Target Market?

Well, let’s first look at the standard definition of “target market” provided by Google:

a particular group of consumers at which a product or service is aimed.
“schools are a key target market for the apps”

Seems simple enough, but it is far more complicated.  The significant word in the definition is “aimed”.  Identifying the proper group of consumers to target is certainly important, and one of the first steps of any successful business or marketing campaign.  That said, aiming a marketing campaign at that consumer group is far more complicated.  Establishing a businesses’ target market is often a practice completed during the start up phase of any new business idea, while implementing a campaign aimed at that group requires market research that is developed over a long period of time.

We chose our company name TargetMarket because we felt the present and future of marketing is digital.  In digital marketing, market research can be collected every day, even every minute.  In digital marketing, it is possible to not only to quickly establish a target market, but also very quickly create actionable marketing campaigns that are aimed at converting those consumers into customers.  As an internet marketing agency that feeds on data and analytics, the name TargetMarket seemed an obvious choice.

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