Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Optimization (SEO) are critical components of a website’s success. Well planned SEM and SEO generate high volumes of targeted traffic to your website. TargetMarket can create and manage efficient pay-per-click advertising campaigns and optimize your website to achieve higher rankings with the major search engines, improving your website’s visibility.

TargetMarket works with each client to create effective SEM and SEO strategies. Our services include:
-Defining keywords and phrases that potential customers use to find products and services in your market segment, and strategizing to utilize them effectively to drive traffic from search engines to your website

-TargetMarket optimization consultants work with copy writers to redevelop current site content for better SEO

-Linking with more established websites to promote domain authority

-Upon completion of optimization, TargetMarket submits your website all the major search engines and directories

Monthly ranking updates via email. TargetMarket runs a weekly check on your site with all major search engines to ensure continual optimization.

For a quote on Search Engine Optimization, please fill out our online form and a project manager will contact you within 24 hours.

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