6 Signs You Need to Redesign Your Website

May 17, 2016

When it comes to new medical technology, physicians are usually the first in line to adopt the latest and greatest. Ironically, those same physicians don’t always take a similar approach when it comes to technology to market their practices. You can offer patients the most state-of-the-art treatments available, but if your website looks like a...

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The 59 Second Rule: Don't Give Users a Reason to Leave Your Website

November 14, 2015

Your website represents who you are and what you offer. How long do visitors stay on your website before clicking away? According to the Nielsen Norman Group, most users stick around less than 59 seconds. So, if you don’t capture the user’s attention in less than a minute, you’ve lost them. I’ve dubbed this “the...

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The Value of Patient Reviews: The Unseen Benefits of Negative Feedback

October 27, 2015

If you care about attracting new patients to your practice, then you care about your online reputation. Patients utilize online reviews to form a perception of the value of your practice, and when it comes to marketing, perception is reality. Although it’s near impossible to avoid negative patient reviews online, it doesn’t mean you can’t...

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10 Tips to Get More Patients Into Your Practice

October 28, 2014

Originally featured in MedMonthly Magazine. Between increased competition, decreased reimbursements and insurers dictating coverage, many practices are looking for new and progressive marketing techniques to maintain a steady flow of patients (one hint: stop investing in Yellow Pages!). Here are ten tips to get more patients into your practice: 1. It’s all about who you...

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5 Steps for Creating Your First Content Strategy

October 2, 2013

5 Steps for Creating Your First Content Strategy Do your current and future patients know exactly how you help them?  If someone new visits your website, is it clear what type of physician you are? Content is taking over the world! At least, it’s taking over Google and Google pretty much runs the world. So it is...

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