In a world of choices, how do customers choose the best company with which to do business? It can be challenging for customers to research each and every company that might benefit them. That’s why branding is so important. We know that the images associated with you and your company are what draws potential customers to you and keeps their loyalty.

If we ask you to name the top auto manufacturers, clothing designers and realtors, you’ll likely have images pop into your head. They might be logos or images from print or TV ads you’ve seen. The goal of our graphic design services is to give you that kind of brand recognition through print ads and the web.

Are you a new business looking to create an image? Or have you been around and are ready to reinvent yourself? A new logo begins the process of image building. Your logo appears everywhere your company is mentioned: letterhead, business cards, print ads and the web site. Our graphic designers will work with you to create a brand that connects people with your company name, products and services.

There are many ways for you to spend your advertising dollars. Print ads, business cards, car signs, web sites, banner ads, email marketing and newsletters are just some of the ways to get your name in front of customers. Our graphic design group will help you to identify the best places in which to find the right customers for you. And we will create the ads that have the biggest return on your advertising investment.

It was once enough to throw advertising money at a few places to see what worked. We will help you find the market for your product or services and create the images that customers will learn to associate with you.

Do you need to get up close and personal with your customers by participating in trade shows? Signs, banners, business cards and giveaways are important at a trade show and we’ll design the graphics that are right for you. Besides your logo, what images will connect customers with you when they see your brochure on their desk weeks after a trade show? We will help you find the right images and make them available on the various advertising pieces you will need.

Second only to your company name, images are the most important way customers identify with your business. Contact us to see how our graphic design services can help you create the perfect images that will become a part of a customer’s connection with your products or services.

“Having a website today is more important than having a business card, phone number or fixed address. I walked in to TargetMarket with years of residential construction and development experience and no experience at all in information technology. I had an idea that it should be possible to introduce a new way to buy and build houses using the power of the internet. I needed an interactive site that could be used to not only showcase products, but also serve as a virtual office where clients could complete contracts, select product, and make payments. TargetMarket was able to translate my ideas into a website that does everything envisioned. The presentation of one’s product defines who you are and what you do. It either gives you credibility or it doesn’t. TargetMarket had the technical abilities as well as the artistic and creative talent to turn ideas into reality. Working with them has been a tremendous learning experience for me. They have turned my ideas into reality and offered suggestions that make those ideas even better. While the internet is the conduit for guiding business to your product, your website is the canvas on which the picture of your business is painted. The question for any business manager is do you want your picture done by finger painters or the Masters.” – CB Harmon, Creative Living Designs, LLC

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